Nearly 40


I’ll be forty in a few months. When I was young, I couldn’t imagine what being forty years old would be like. It seems like such a large and distant number. But it feels smaller now that it approaches, and I’m not particularly fussed about it.

A couple of months ago, someone asked an open question Hacker News - ‘What is it like to be old?’ among the hundreds of responses was this:

‘Once you hit 40 you start feeling random pains in places. Sometimes pretty intense pain. Your doctor will have no idea what caused it and tell you it’s normal, but let them know if it happens again. And after a while you’ll just stop telling them, because it’s just a thing that happens now’.

Well, at least I haven’t got that to deal with, I thought.

This morning, my arm decided that it would not play its usual role. My elbow is red, hot & swollen with fluid. I didn’t do anything to it, that I can recall.

So, I guess this is how it is now.