Link: The most unbelievable things about life before smartphones


Matt Ruby opines at length on the world before smartphones. It is a lovely chunk of nostalgia, and the whole piece will have a specific age group nodding along in agreement.

News was not breaking and I was not alerted. Being elite was a good thing and being a Nazi frowned upon. Scientists were trusted and conspiracy theories were for tinfoil kooks. The only content users generated was letters to the editor.

I consumed news once a day by reading a paper that stained my hands. I stumbled upon random articles I would never have selected based on the headline. The ads I saw were untargeted shotgun blasts. Quizzes were just for students and I did not know which ice cream flavor matched my personality, who should play my BFF in a movie of my life, or which Disney prince I should have a threesome with. I rarely got to feel outraged by the words of people I’d never met. For that, I had to rely on family.

I could use a lot more offline in my life.

Link: The most unbelievable things about life before smartphones