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I find the decline of organised religion interesting as a sociological phenomenon. What happens when the structure and philosophy underpinning our legal and moral frameworks falls away?

Church membership in the USA has dipped below 50% for the first time(1). That’s a big deal, because the USA is one of the most devoutly Christian countries in the West, and its religious leaders wield a great deal of political influence. The figures reflect what has been happening in the UK for decades—an accelerating decline of membership and attendance across all demographics.

The number of people in the UK self-identifying as Christian stood at 58% in 2011, dropping 12% since 2001(3). The average Church of England service now fills less than thirty seats(2).

No one can agree on why, but I think the following quote is as good an answer as any:

It’s not about churches not being able to answer questions clearly; the reality is just that fewer people believe in gods.

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