Matt McConaughey recorded a wide-ranging interview with Tim Ferris back in October last year. It’s a great listen and confirmed his place on my list of people I would like to have over for dinner. I’d never heard of him until True Detective, then I saw him later the same year in Interstellar and he instantly became one of my favourite actors. He’s an interesting bloke too.

In it, Matt speaks of the importance of introspection as a tool for personal change. He’s kept a journal for over thirty years, and explains how he uses it to help him navigate through life. I’m good at introspection, but I’m not good at acting on it. I’ve kept a journal since 2005. Sometimes I will go weeks without writing in it — but I’m still glad to have it.

He also speaks about the need for society to have shared values, and of politics and politicians not being good delivery vehicles for that sort of thing. I’ve thought about this a lot. Our shared values, traditionally, came from religion — but as religion fades, where do we get those shared values? We’re grappling with this now, but it will become more important in the decades ahead.

It’s a fun listen, and worth your time.

Link: The Tim Ferris Show #474