Custom Domains on iCloud Mail

One of the neat things that was quietly announced as part of the iOS 15 rollout is the ability to use custom domains with iCloud Mail.

I have a long, self-inflicted and complicated history with email. I self-hosted for many years (stupid, don’t do it), then moved to Fastmail (too expensive), on to Zoho (too business focussed) and then for the past year, Migadu. Migadu have been great, and I’ve no complaints. It’s a cheap, reliable & no-nonsense service. But moving my domains over to iCloud makes sense because the cost is included in Apple services that I already pay for.

The process was super-easy, and I was up and running in around fifteen minutes. I’m trialling it with my personal domains for a couple of weeks. If all goes well, I’ll move our communal domain over too.

I’m trying to reduce the amount of stuff that I administer (and pay for), so this has been an unexpected and not unpleasant win.