Being a beacon of positivity

I recently read through some of my old posts. I’m more of a ‘hit and run’ type of blogger, so it’s not something I do very often, if ever. Many of my posts over the past couple of years are on subjects that generate negative emotions (politics, social media) or are negative in sentiment (general moans & gripes). I’m not thrilled about this, so I’ve unpublished everything prior to this year pending review.

The internet has reached heightened levels of toxicity over the past couple of years, and if you are ‘very online’ - as many of us are - there is a risk that on-line toxicity & negativity bleeds out into the real world, affecting our well-being, our work, and our relationships. I might play only a tiny part, but it is not my desire to contribute to the global levels of negativity.

That’s not to say that I can’t write about negative subjects, or that I should become a beacon of positivity, but that I shouldn’t write about negative things just to get them off my chest. While it makes me feel better, it might have the opposite effect on a reader that is already having a bad day. I’m a big believer in people owning their words. I’m owning mine, and taking some back.