Wix Vs WordPress

Matt Mullenweg is not happy about the new Wix ads.

I’m a fan of WordPress. It’s nice to work with, open source, and I can host it on my web server. It’s easy to get my content out if I want to try something else, and easy to get it back in again when I invariably come back. Most importantly, to me, they’ve almost single-handedly kept RSS alive across vast swathes of the net by switching feeds on by default (side note: I’m still furious that Mozilla stripped away all of its RSS functionality).

Wix, from my limited experience with it, appears to be the antithesis of everything that WordPress stands for, so their adverts, professing the superiority of Wix, are a little galling.

Wix is a for-profit company with a valuation that peaked at around 20 billion dollars, and whose business model is getting customers to pay more and more every year and making it difficult to leave or get a refund. (Don’t take my word for it, look at their investor presentations.) They are so insecure that they are also the only website creator I’m aware of that doesn’t allow you to export your content, so they’re like a roach motel where you can check in but never check out.

I doubt that Matt is losing much sleep over this. He’s doing okay.