Where on earth do you think you are going?

Back in January, when George was having his annual health check, the vet suggested that we have a lump removed from his front armpit. The vet thought it to be a lump of fatty tissue – a lipoma, to give it the correct term. They’re common in older dogs, and not harmful, but can cause discomfort if they get too big.

The lump has continued to grow and now affects his movement – so this morning, after dropping E at school, I walked him to the vet for his operation.

George does not like going to the vet. I’ve never been able to precisely put my finger on why. He’s never had any other operations, and quite happily sits for his annual injections. He was neutered by the same vet when he was a puppy – the only other intrusive procedure he’s ever had. That operation went without a hitch, and I don’t think that George ever understood what had happened – but the resident cat took a disliking to him in the waiting room and gave him a quick swipe across the snout. George was highly offended by this unprovoked attack. Could that be why? He has been known to hold a grudge.

I could sense his resentment this morning as we waited outside, and as I left he looked at me with eyes that said ‘where on earth do you think you are going?’

They’ll do some blood work first, to check that there are no underlying issues that would make anaesthesia dangerous – then put him under, whip it out, stitch him up and have him ready by tea-time. Hopefully.