R = 1.2

Kings College London and ZOE are performing large-scale research on COVID-19 symptoms among the general population. I’ve been taking part for a couple of months. It’s not that hard, you just answer a few questions each day, the boffins do clever stuff with the data, and in return they send you updates on what’s going on.

They estimate that R is now at 1.2, which is.. bad news.


It means that the virus is beginning to spread exponentially again. What that actually translates to is something I don’t clearly understand. We already know that an increase in infections doesn’t necessarily mean more hospitalisations & deaths. That’s probably because we know how to treat it better, and social distancing measures mean that people aren’t getting huge doses of the virus – but with kids returning to school and young people heading off to university, we might well be in a bad place in a couple of weeks time.

You can participate in the Kings College study by downloading their app: