Notes for week ending February 2nd, 2020

Brexit happened. Well, the first bit of it happened but we’re passed the point of no return now. I switched the TV on and watched the Brexit faithful celebrate in Parliament Square, watched over by the statues of Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi – who I imagine would have wondered what the hell was going on. But forget them. The stars of the hour are Nigel Farage, Michelle Dewberry, Anne Widdicombe and Tim Martin. Nigel, Michelle, Anne & Tim – names that make the heart race faster. I watched for a while, rapt, and then realised that I would rather rub ground glass into my eyeballs and then bathe them in meths.

At three minutes to eleven, as I lay in bed, a handful of fireworks briefly lit the night sky before petering out into silence. I’m deeply angry about it. They couldn’t even get the timing right.

January slowly ticked over into February, and the beginning of an uncertain future.

I read this week that the latest conspiracy theory on the internet is that Paris has been overcome with civil war and that the EU, France and the UK Government are conspiring to keep it out of the news. I struggled to believe that this could actually be a thing – but of course, it really is. The mind boggles. I can understand why people might say this stuff, but not why anyone would believe it. And it’s an easy one to prove, right? Paris is closer to London than Middlesbrough. Just get on a train and go look.

We drove out to the local country park today to clear our heads of the dystopian madness around us. It was flooded. So that was.. great?

It's wet, Jim
It’s wet, Jim

On a positive note, a rogue magpie has decided that it’s fun to dig out all of the muck from the gutters and fling it on to the conservatory roof, which means that I don’t need to get the ladders out now.

I redesigned the website again. This time I made use of CSS variables and grids. I’ve seen these in use but never understood how they worked – they actually make things a whole lot easier.

From the net:

  • Google Maps gets its traffic data by tracking the movement of users handsets as they travel. It’s cool, but a bit creepy. Simon Weckert fooled it by walking along with a cart full of cheap android handsets, making Google Maps report the streets as gridlocked. — Google Maps Hacks
  • Back in the 90s we would buy dry goods by weight from the ’Scoop’ shop, then at home store it all in a vast selection of orange Tupperware containers. It was cheaper and less wasteful than prepackaged food. Similarly, a few years ago supermarkets trialled selling milk in bags, the idea being that you fill a reusable jug at home instead of throwing away empty bottles. Seemed like a sound idea to me but it never took off. Anyway, this is a long way of saying that it’s really cool that in some shops in the Czech Republic you can refill your shampoo bottles .
  • This map will show you how far you can travel in a set period of time. Pretty handy you want to know how far you can walk in your lunch break. — TraveltimeMaps, via Paul Capewell