Notes for week ending January 26th, 2020

Another week down. Here’s my notes from the week that was.

I started the week by being trolled by my bank:

Screw you, Monzo

My shame was lifted slightly by the arrival of seventeen new fish in our fish tank. We’ve never had baby fish before, so it was quite exciting (and a bit gross). They are basically eyeballs with tails at this point and have to be segregated from the rest of the tank so that they aren’t eaten by the bigger fish.


Next week will mark the half-way point of Winter. Hurrah!

This week I learned that there is a such a thing as a Parliamentary Train, which is not a private train for MPs but a train service that runs purely to keep a line legally open. Basically, back in the 1960s, vast swathes of the railway were torn up as a result of the Beeching Report. Public opposition to the closures grew to such an extent that the government passed new legislation to make it harder for lines to close – now it’s so difficult, and costly, that it’s easier, and cheaper to keep a line open by running the minimum service on it. Thanks to Ian for his wonderful blog post on them.

Books finished:

  • Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker. This one gave me lots to think about. I suspect my family are tired of my facts about sleep. Did you know that birds can sleep half a brain at a time?
  • Whatever, by Michel Houllebecq

Writing that I enjoyed:


  • Picard: I’ve not enjoyed any of the StarTrek reboots (with an exception given to Voyager) so I didn’t have high hopes, but was pleasantly susprised. Strange watching something episode by episode after binge watching stuff though.