Notes for week ending January 19th, 2020

Another week down. Here’s my notes from the week that was.

  • Court duty this week. I’ve never particularly enjoyed this part of my job, mainly because I have a face that seems to cause county court judges to become spontaneously apoplectic. My case this week was in Skipton, a two-hour drive away. On arrival I met my nemesis, a specific duty solicitor that has a name that sounds like a Bond villain, an unnerving ability to appear wherever I am, and a 100% success rate at destroying my possession cases – which is exactly what he proceeded to do before I drove the two hours back.
  • The new Apple AirPods are astonishing and probably the best single-purpose gadget I’ve ever bought.
  • Renewed my library card.
  • Started testing Brave as my primary browser. I like it so far, and their approach to internet advertising is interesting.
  • The youngest went on a Brownie sleepover for the first time; cue much excitement from her, and us.
  • Tried two new recipes this week: Sticky Sesame Chicken & Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta. 10/10. Would cook again.


Michael Palin in North Korea
North Korea is a fascinating country and one that I’d really like to visit, if not for being certain that I would unwittingly end up in a work camp.

As an aside, it was a complete pain to actually watch this. It was initially broadcast on Channel 5, but while it has a section on their website there is no way to watch it. A bit of googling suggested it might be on Sky now? Maybe Netflix? This is why people pirate things.

There are not enough superlatives to describe how good this film was. There are big things ahead for George MacKay.


Finished: Around the World in 80 Days, by Michael Palin