Merry Christmas

Good evening, from Plague Island.

Europe has decided that we are persona non grata, and thousands of lorries are holed up in a Kent airfield, waiting to cross the border. I imagine that there are a lot of lorry drivers that badly need the toilet.

Britain is on the brink of crisis. It’s a word that has lost all meaning, but it’s still true. COVID-19 roams the island unchecked. The tiered system of local restrictions has failed, primarily because we don’t have a useful test and trace system and ’restrictions’ peppered with holes large enough to drive a lorry through. There is not a single metric that suggests the country is doing a good job at managing this pandemic. Objectively, we are doing a terrible job.

So, it defies common sense for the PM announces that people can mingle at Christmas for five days – as long as we care careful. What we have to do, essentially, is complete a risk assessment. Because we’ve shown that we’re good at that up to now? What the hell are they thinking?

The PM has, reluctantly, reduced the super-spreader event to a single day – too scared to cancel it entirely because he fears the the the country will rise up in rebellion if they can’t share a turkey dinner. It’s time to give up the laissez-faire approach; otherwise, disaster looms in January.

Christmas seems to get larger every year – peeking over the horizon from October and climaxing on December 25th. Not so much this year. We are relaxed. The usual frantic rush never appeared. For me, a smaller Christmas will be a time to enjoy the little things – boxes of Quality Street, mince pies and a series of terrible Christmas films.

Enjoy yours, whatever you are doing.

Merry Christmas