A fat man on a bike

On Sunday, two overweight men, both approaching forty years of age and neither of them in peak physical condition decided that it would be a grand lark to cycle along the old railway track from Hull to Hornsea – despite neither of them riding a bike in anger for many a year. One of those fat men was me. The other was my friend, Dave.

It’s that way, then.

I have no clue why I thought this would be a good idea. It just popped into my head, so I sent a text to Dave:

Me: ‘Dave, shall we cycle to Hornsea next weekend?’

Dave: ‘OK’

Damn. Can’t believe the bugger said yes.

The track is a tiny part of Sustrans Route 65 which, if you were fool enough to do the full thing, takes you from Hornsea to Middlesbrough – two of the least desirable places on the east coast.

Our part of the trail, fifteen miles from the finish, starts in central Hull. Since we are not interested in drug deals, street drinkers, rats and derelict factories, we put pedal to the metal and got the hell out of dodge. The good thing about old railway tracks is that they are mostly flat; ideal for people who have the physical endurance of a soggy handkerchief, like me. Once out of the city it was smooth, well maintained track & rolling countryside.

At the end, we are greeted by a large ominous eye on a stick, and to our disappointment no welcoming party.

We celebrated with fish & chips and ice-cream and remained pleased with ourselves until we remembered that we had to ride home.