Things I Found on The Internet

Here are seven things I found on the internet.

1. The oldest companies still in existence

The oldest in Europe is St. Peter Stiftskulinarium; a restaurant founded in Austria in 803. It sits within the walls of St.Peters Abbey in Salzburg and has served lunch to Christopher Columbus, Mozart & Faust. Found on Reddit.

2. Leaving your pets to the mercy of an internet-enabled ‘smart feeder’ is, surprisingly, not a good idea.

Please feed me

‘Petnet’ is a service that allows pet owners to schedule and control feeding times via their smartphone and an internet enabled ‘smart feeder’ costing £222. It works well, until it doesn’t: servers broke, connections failed and pets were sad. Ironically, one of the stated benefits of the service is preventing over feeding, so I guess it’s working as designed. What a strange world we live in. Via the BBC.

3. Vivienne Kubrick’s life with Stanley

Found on FlashBak

4. Falling printer misses man by inches

I’d buy a lottery ticket if I was him. Via BoingBoing

5. Cartoon Fossils

Found on Behance

6. More evidence that Facebook sucks.

In a surprise to no one, a new study shows that if you use Facebook less your life will improve. Even a minor reduction of 20 minutes per day leads to more physical activity, increased mood, and more satisfaction with life. Via Cal Newport

7. Irish singer cleans up his act after kid tells him to mind his language

Not sure what’s more awesome – the reaction of the singer, or the awesome EDM style beat-drop performed with acoustic instruments. Via YouTube