2019/12: Hogsmeade Station

My job is a little strange sometimes. This week I was asked to write a policy on what you should do upon finding a dead body. I didn’t have a clue where to start, but I figured I had a rough idea of what you shouldn’t do and it kind of worked itself out from there.

We managed to get out camping again. It was a bit chilly. Overnight temperatures are down to six degrees, so that’s probably the end of camping season for this year. We camped on a small site in the Yorkshire Moors, just above Pickering. The moors are beautiful at this time of year – bleak and wild, but full of color and life. We visited Goathland, whose train station was the setting for Hogsmeade Station in the first Harry Potter film; and Whitby, famed for being visited by Dracula. Plenty of culture around these parts.

I’ve got it in my head that a caravan would be a wise investment. Less messing around than a tent, and a few more home comforts included. E says that we are far too young to own a caravan. She’s probably right, and I doubt our feeble car could pull one anyway.

Finished reading:

The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah

Never has Alaska sounded so beautiful yet so formidable. I put off reading this for ages – a mistake because it was wonderful. Also, this was marked three hundred books since I started counting in 2012. Imagine what I could have done with all that time.

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