2019/11: No halloumi?

  • Sometimes I sit down to write these week notes and find I have nothing to say.
  • Brexit is everywhere, and nowhere. Its a a perpetual dark cloud that blots out the sun and periodically pelts tennis ball sized bits of bad news on the population below. It’s a whole lot of nothing and then everything at once. Maybe there will be no crisis. It might be like the buildup to Y2K: anxious excitement, fear, and then nothing. Perhaps, come October 31st my biggest worry will be that there is no halloumi in Tesco. I don’t know. I don’t think the people who are supposed to know do either.
  • The UK government website now carries a warning reminding us that we are leaving the EU on the 31st October, the beginning of a blitzkrieg campaign to prepare the nation for our biggest folly. I suppose it is possible that some people don’t know about it, so fair play to the civil service. As a responsible citizen I have completed the suggested questionnaire and have been assured that there is nothing I need to do. Just wait.
  • It worries me that a section of the population has permanently lost faith in the economic, diplomatic and political structures that stop everything unraveling into chaos – and that there is a breed of politician that is willing to exploit this for their own ends. This strikes me as being ultimately more problematic than the headline issues. Screw those people.
  • Sorry. This is what happens when I read too much news.
  • Little E made chocolate brownies. They were delicious.
  • Turns out I did have something to say.

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