I have moved the 43 bags of mud to my front garden, bringing them closer to their eventual but yet to be decided destination.

I threw caution to the wind and installed the iOS 13 beta on my iPhone and iPad. It’s a bit rough around the edges. Dark mode is nice but I don’t know why people wet their pants about it.

My RSS feed has been spewing out all sorts of content that shouldn’t be in it. Sorry about that. I have never professed to know what I’m doing.

Blog discovery is broken, but this Google-fu works okay for finding search terms within blogs: inurl:/blog/ [search term]

The domain name that this blog sits under has changed to reflect the title. Everything should work as normal.

We had lunch with friends of ours today. They’ve just bought a house which has a large and elaborate pond in the back garden. They intended to fill it in but it has since been occupied by a pair of horny frogs and a multitude of their children. We gazed upon this microcosm of life for quite some time. Amongst the tadpoles I spotted one that was in a weird stage of development, possessing a long, functioning tail as well as fully grown legs. The poor thing looked like it didn’t know what to do with this surprising amount of limbs. It couldn’t swim properly because its tail would either get in the way or inadvertently change the intended trajectory – but it just carried on, doing the best that it could, muddling through to some sort of destination but possibly not the one that it intended. Sometimes I feel like that frog.