2019/03: Roast Beef

My daughter stood on the scales and asked if the displayed figure was the weight of her whole body or just her feet, which is a reasonable question really.

I can hear my backup disks writing data when I wake up in a morning. You can’t do that with SSDs.

There was a lot of lot of garden maintenance this week.

I discovered that my bank can show me the total I have spent at a retailer – thus this role of shame from the past eleven months:

  • £359.55 at Greggs
  • £70.73 at Cooplands Bakers
  • £707.99 at Amazon (to which my daughter exclaimed ‘think of all the stuff you could have bought with that!’ and all I could think of was the stuff on my Amazon Wishlist)
  • £166.60 at McDonalds

We had family round for lunch at the weekend. I cooked roast beef for six people and it wasn’t a complete disaster.

I’m in an XMPP chat room where one of the young participants is doing an ad-hoc trip around Europe. Someone asked where he was at and the response was ‘Cycling to Denmark’. We all accepted this as a perfectly normal thing. The internet is sometimes a wonderful place.

Perfectly normal..