Hull to Skegness

This Sunday saw a small group of hardy bikers brave the grim looking clouds and head out for a ride to not so sunny Skegness. To be fair, I knew that it was going to rain anyway. The previous day I had spent two hours fastidiously cleaning the inner corners of my bike. Sods law says that if you do this, the next time you leave the house it will completely piss it down.

We set out with one eye on the clouds, planning to stop off at Willingham Woods and Cadwell Park along the way, offering chance to turn back early on should the heavens unload on us. Luckily, the rain didn’t hit us until just before Willingham Woods and it was over in a flash, so we decided to carry on to Cadwell Park, then on to Skegness.

For the rest of the day it did indeed rain. It rained a lot. It rained so much that the road into Barton was under a foot of water. Despite this a lot of fun was had. I’ve put the route up here for posterity because some of the roads were excellent; particularly the bottom end of the B1203.

The parking at Skegness was free for bikes. Top marks to North Lincolnshire Council.