Moving forward

So, plenty has happened since I last posted. I found a house. Woo! I found it through a company recommended by a pleasant lady at a local housing association. It’s quite expensive at £90 per week and it doesn’t have a garden but the location is perfect for university and Alicia’s nursery. Move date is set for 3 or 4th August but it could be sooner.

My student loan stuff came through last week. It looks like they are going to give me everything that I asked for. Nursery fees are still up in the air, but the student loan company have sent me some forms and guidance material. The university nursery have written to confirm that she has a full-time place allocated, so things are really starting to come together now.

Yesterday was something of an extraordinary day, not only did I get to go to a wedding, but it was my good friend Trev’s wedding. I really never thought I would see it happen. My congratulations to them both.

We also went camping at the usual spot in Raincliffe Woods. I think we were the first group up there this year because the site was nice and clean and there was no sign of previous fires. The grass was quite well grown, which provided a nice comfy surface to sleep on. The journey back was difficult. We SERIOUSLY underestimated the distance between the site and Scalby Road. A journey that long, by foot, is never fun with a couple of under 5’s, but overall a good time was had.

It’s really feeling like it’s time to leave this house now. We have been living under the protective umbrella of my sister and her husband (my brother-in-law) for far too long and we owe them too much already. 3 weeks left!