It’s a Knockout

On Sunday I took part in the annual ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition whose aim was to raise funds for St.Catherine’s Hospice. I got roped into it by staff from Home Housing, who were short of a team member. Whilst I was initially a little apprehensive, it turned out to be a great day. I got very wet, and very sunburned. Nine teams took part in our heat, some of which had taken part in the competition for the last four years. Despite their prior experience we finished as runners up. I’d like to say that this was down to exceptional teamwork and the superior fitness of our team, but really I think it was down to luck.

Things on the house front are beginning to take shape. I rang Willmot Brown this morning and they said that the house was just about ready. The keys will be available for me to pick up on Monday, but I think I’ll leave it until Wednesday which is the official moving in date anyway. I rang Kingston Communications this morning and got the phone line activated and applied for ADSL. As you can see, I’ve got my priorities right 🙂