I was nine years old when my mother bought me a Commodore C64. It’s a vivid memory, because we weren’t rich and she wasn’t much of a gift giver. I rushed upstairs, hooked it up to my small color television and spent many months trying to make it do interesting stuff instead of playing outside. It led to a lifelong love of technology, poor posture and a pale complexion.

In 1995, for no reason other than it looked interesting, I borrowed ‘HTML for Dummies’ from my local library and set out creating some basic html documents on my i386. I didn’t have internet, but being able to create a network of linked documents out of text files felt revolutionary - and it still does.

Thinking about all the HTML I'm about to write

This website is an amalgamation and continuation of previous web projects that go back to 2005. It’s a place for me to share and document my interests. I write about topics related to technology, systems & books. Or memes. Whatever.

I currently pay the bills by managing commercial properties for a national health and social care provider, and live in Yorkshire with my wife, two children, and an old dog.