Hello 👋🏻

Computers have given me endless opportunity to explore and learn. I received my first computer, a Commodore 64, when I was six years old and was introduced to the internet in 1996. I built my first website in 2001, and started publishing in ‘blog’ format in 2005.

That I can sit in the shed at the bottom of my garden, write something, publish it to a global network of computers and have other people read it blows my mind. It felt like magic the first time I did it, and it still feels like magic now.

I am married, have two children, an old dog, an unknown quantity of fish, a small hamster and less money in my bank account than I would like.

My day job is managing commercial properties for a national health and social care provider. I enjoy readingwalking and arguing with strangers on the internet in my spare time.

I live in Yorkshire, the largest and greatest county in England. I do not like cricket, wear a flat cap or breed ferrets.