I’ve been writing this blog, on and off, since 2003. I’m a fan of the ‘old’ web. Or a curmudgeon. Take your pick. Either way, this is my little corner of the web, and you are very welcome.

There's no theme here. It's a collection of links, commentary and short essays on whatever floats my boat at the time. Broadly, I am interested in systems, technology, books and infrastructure.

My career has spanned social work, criminal justice, housing and healthcare. Nowadays, my day job is managing commercial properties for a national health and social care provider. I can get nerdy about plumbing. Don't judge me.

I live in Yorkshire, the largest and greatest county in England, with my wife, two children, a small hamster and an unquantifiable number of fish.

Feel free to reach out by email. I like email.


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